Historical Highlights
185th Anniversary Celebration


A Christ centered Preschool

By offering a week-day, faith-based prekindergarten program, North Run has seen many families come into our church fellowship since 1973.  Prekindergarten alumni are in the following elementary schools: Echo Lake, Glen Allen, Greenwood, Holladay, Lakeside, Longan, Springfield Park and Trevvett. Today, Hollis Banks, Marilyn Hurt, Linda Snead, Bekah Midkiff, Ashley Peck, Sandy Traylor, Sherri Talman and Evelyn Cronin are still helping the children gain the necessary skills to be successful academically, spiritually, socially, physically and emotionally.

It’s a sight not quickly forgotten – Dr. Junior H. Kidd in a 1920s-style bathing suit. He wore it on the occasion of a Second Runners’ pool party, one of their earliest events.  Dr. Kidd was instrumental in organizing this senior adult group in 1987. Through the years, they have taken road trips, gone to see local plays, and invited numerous musical groups to come entertain them.  There is always food, fellowship, and fun.  So, if you are of age, join them on the second Friday night of the month!

I was in prison and ye came unto me.
— Matthew 25:36

North Run Baptist Church began its ministry to prisoners in 1969.  Team members visit and witness to inmates very week to help them prepare for life in society and achieve spiritual growth. As fruit of this ministry, Sonny Miller came to North Run! Linwood Wilcox is the only founding member still serving.

Rev. Joe Driver credits George Parlett with teaching him the wherewithal of prison ministry. Joe founded the Gospel Jail Ministry in early 1993. NRBC has provided office space. Joe will retire at the end of 2017. The funds from the newspaper recycling bin are already being diverted to the church’s Pre-Kindergarten, ministry helping ministry, for the glory of God!

Valentine’s Banquet Beauty Pageant 1984

Valentine’s Banquet Beauty Pageant 1984

Have you ever attended a “womanless” wedding or fashion show? If you were a member of NRBC, likely you would not have missed the “Beauty Pageant” held during the Valentine’s Banquet, 1984!  Among the ten contestants were “Danielle” Hobbs, “Boom Boom” Banks, “Harriet” Montgomery, and “Roberta” Osborne. The Master of Ceremonies was Wayne Clarke.  Today, Hobbs and Clarke lead the church’s Safety Committee and Banks is a Trustee. Ask “Boom Boom” if he kept his crown or his swimsuit ensemble!

Are Baptists better at eating or meeting?  Really, there is no need to answer, because Baptists meet to eat and also eat when they meet!  The latter is so true that many Virginia Baptist churches have their own cookbooks.  To date, NRBC has compiled at least two. Did you know that there is a North Run Baptist Church Lasagna?  The “secret” ingredient is pepperoni!  How about the North Run Punch?  You only need two main ingredients – 2 cans of Minute Maid Fruit Punch and 3 2-liter bottles of Sprite.  So, when you get home, find a large bowl and make a batch – thaw the fruit punch first for best results!


Leland H. and Dorothy K. Waters

North Run Baptist Church and Hopeful Baptist Church shared a pastor and wife from 1929 to 1944.  They were Leland H. and Dorothy K. Waters.  In 1957, when Rev. James C. Quarles wrote a history of the church, he stated that “perhaps the greatest period of development …to that time, was during its pastorate of nearly 14 years by the Rev. Leland H. Waters ….” He left the pastorate to become a local denominational leader and eventually served as Executive Secretary of the Home Mission Board (now North American).  He died in 1970.  In 2004, granddaughter Debbie Waters Yoho, contacted the church to invite “people who might remember her” to send Dorothy Waters a card on her 100th birthday.  She lived until just a little more than two months shy of her 102nd birthday. 



The Southern Baptist Convention and its Foreign (now International) Mission Board were established in 1845. For over 172 years, Baptist missionaries have been spreading the precious name of Jesus around the world.  In the 1950s, North Run was helping to sponsor financially three missionaries on foreign fields: Miss Margaret Lamberth, Mr. Daniel Cobb and Mrs. Lorne Brown. Lorne and Virginia Brown were missionaries for 32 years, and during their service they touched lives in Jordan, Lebanon, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya. Daniel and Fannie Cobb served as missionaries to Thailand for 33 years. Today, North Run is still supporting missionaries. Among these are Julie Ingouf, Martha Moore, Jonathan and Mika Hicks, Jenn Price, and Mike and Shannon C. (name protected).


The Church Media Library


The church library was established in March 1958 upon recommendation of the Deacons.

Today, it remains true to its purpose to support the mission of the church, to help strengthen its teaching, preaching and evangelistic efforts, and to help individuals develop an understanding of their faith and potential as children of God and workers in the His kingdom. Ruth Elswick served as director for 33 of these 59 years, and she is quick to tell others that it has been recognized at the state level for its excellence!


Warren and Bette Kelley Rice 

Twenty years after leaving Indonesia, Warren and Bette Kelley Rice followed God’s call to church plant in Guyana.  In letters from the field, Bette wrote “…I was reminded again and again how blessed I am to have been raised in a Christian home and to be married to a wonderful Christian.  To be blessed with a Christian home is very unusual here. We realize more each day that we are really engaged in spiritual warfare and are confident of victory through Jesus. Thank you for your concern and prayers.” Bette had developed her ‘spiritual roots and wings’ as part of this congregation