Men of Faith Ministry

The men at North Run welcome you to join us for some fun, fellowship and work every month as we strive to serve the Lord!

Monthly Saturday Morning

(First Saturday of the month)

  1. Breakfast - Prepared by Dean and other volunteers, come HUNGRY!

  2. Fellowship - Meet the men of North Run. See what they’re up to.

  3. Devotion - A short devotion to help us align with the Word.

  4. Work includes:
    Work around the Church - Regular building maintenance

    Work in the community - Helping church members or others in need with home maintenance/repairs.

Future Plans for NRBC Men

How to Clinics

  • Household maintenance

  • Drywall patching

  • Basic plumbing

  • Basic electrical

  • Proper lawn maintenance

  • Doors and windows

  • Home safety tips

  • Car maintenance

Outdoor Activities

  • Fishing

  • Hunting

  • Golf

  • Camping

Other Activities

  • Richmond Flying Squirrels Games

  • Bowling

  • VCU Basketball games

  • Retreat at Camp WEAG

  • Chili Cookoff

  • Camping

  • Day Beach Trip

  • Lunch/Dinner out at a restaurant