Music Ministry



This Time Of Year is Remarkable. And this summer has certainly been one of the finest in recent history. The opportunity for family time has been even sweeter by the remarkable weather. Additionally, within the ministry of the North Run, Vacation Bible School had a tremendous impact on everyone involved. Sunday School is experiencing growth and intentional development and the messages Pastor Larry brings to us each week remain both relevant and empowering. It’s a good day to be at North Run Baptist Church. The Church staff and leaders spend time in the summer planning for the fall. I’m thrilled that we have such an outward focus pushing our ministries to think outside of the four walls as well as go outside the four walls. Thom Rainer, President of LifeWay Resources has said that churches with the desire to grow must do it by the power of four. What does that mean? It means that churches with the desire to grow in one area (not in all areas) but focused in one area must commit to being four times or strategic, four times more intentional, four times for resourced and four times more doing than ever before. There has been talk about the growth in the children’s involvement within the church. Let’s use that demographic as an example. The Power of Four Focus: Children connecting through involvement, trackable spiritual growth. Connect with each child – North Run children are funny and fierce!

Intergenerational relationships built with each student and parent has such rewards.

Frequent – ‘off grid’ connection events – Students reaching students. Off grid referring to ‘out of the church’. This could be, and should be as simple as dinner and games at someone’s home.


Group Initiatives

The ‘work’ of faith helps to fan the flame of passion for faith. Children are capable and excited to be part of something that is bigger than themselves, as are their parents as this supports their children as well as makes personal connections.

Connect with families who are not here yet – Everyone knows families with children. If not, then become a part of a team who would adopt the families moving right into the house around the church. Soon 35 new houses will be in the backyard of the church. We need a bold strategy for building relationships with these families. Rainer goes on to say that research shows that 8 out of 10 will NOT reject a well thought out invitation. This is a non-exhaustive example of one single, yet vital demographic slice which may simply begin conversations. That is a good thing! One thing I’ve noticed in these past eleven years is that NRBC is a community involved and concerned church. This is a great strength of the church! Our collective ideas and more importantly, focused action by the power of four can and will have great rewards. Your ideas are valuable as we work towards our strengths, together.

See you Sunday with a song in my heart! - Brother Morgan